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ASTA platform is composed of multifunctional ecosystem for everyone and the expansion of ASTA platform is not limited to regions nor industries. ASTA platform is designed to be beneficial to both platform and network participants and would be open to everyone who would like to join. ASTA will become a platform partnered and connected with companies in various fields such as shopping, accommodation and healthcare, etc. The ecosystem of ASTA links with a variety of marketing platforms and would develop a more convenient business model with higher applicability to increase the number of platform users.

The symbol of shield of ASTA logo represents the trustworthiness of ASTA and the will to create a safe and secure platform with our prosects and value. The color of mint blue and navy blue represents the reliability, creativity and innovation of ASTA platform.

The Application technoloy
Multi Block-Chain

Deploy Multichain instead of single blockchain for multiple connection for specific

Hyper Converged Infrastructure

An integrated technology combining cloud services with virtualized infrastructures

Front Grid Backend Multi Flexing

Ensure stability, accurate processing and security enhancement of the platform

Atomic Exchange

Multi blockchain allows transaction executed through exchanges within the blockchain

Multi Swap

An inter-chain technology able to exchange data with other blockchain networks

Half-Private Block-Chain

For personal asset protection, system operation, transaction speed and system advancement

Structure of asta platform

Through the payment system, ASTA aims to lower the transaction fee paying to credit card companies and payment gateway providers, to eliminate the inconvenience caused due to the exchange rate while to ensure the market competitiveness of the business partners. The goal of ASTA platform is to establish an ecosystem and to issue a virtual asset can be used by all franchise stores all over the world enhances the efficiency for providing more benefits to the users. ASTA is designed on the foundation of the world’s major currency, stable coins and by using the multi-swap technology, ASTA can be exchanged mutually with the major cryptocurrency such as BTC and ETH

Our Features

The final goal of the ASTA platform is to implement an ASTA-oriented ecosystem and an international payment system that can be easily used anytime and anywhere without causing inconvenience to people. We are planning to become a global payment method with no geographic limitation and with no exchange rate to maximize the profit for all network participants including our users and business partners.


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Technical & Business history


We provide the solution for asset management

Kim Sung Gyun

Technical Development Director

Yoo Hyo Sang

Back-End / Data Architect / Big Data

Lee Won Seok

Android Application

Park Hee Won

iOS Application

Kim Do Yoon


Jin Sung Jae

Blockchain / Wallet

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